Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning

Apr 12, 2022

NFP is a multifaceted ministry helping couples to live out the Church’s teaching on married life. There are six modern methods of Natural Family Planning. Some of the methods have apps and the Rhythm Method is no longer used.

This ministry focuses on family planning through the Creighton Method and other methods. The CRMs also helps find, treat and control common female issues such as irregularity, pain, PMs and ovarian cysts, to name a few. Everything is done with no unnatural hormones, implants or devices.

Other benefits of CRMs is that it helps find and treat female reproductive problems and is a viable alternative to IVF. Research has proven that it rivals IVFs’ success. NFP is Pro-Life, Pro-Woman and Pro-Family.

Usually four class series after the first Introductory Session is necessary. To participate in this ministry as a provider or patient, contact Margarita Lassaletta MD FCP NFPC at (330) 336-5046.

*The Creighton Method has a 99.5% effectiveness when used to avoid pregnancy in couples of normal fertility.

*The Creighton Method combined with medical treatment has a 80% effectiveness when used to achieve pregnancy in couples with infertility.

The Medical & Surgical Practice of NaPro Technology by Thomas W. Hilgers, M.D.

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