Fr. Joe's Letter

Fr. Joe’s Letter

Aug 24, 2023

We are about to start another school year here at Sacred Heart School.  The school has been and still is a very important part of our parish family.  The Catholic education of our children in the ways of faith is vital to our Church, our parish family, as well as our local community here in Wadsworth.  Our parish community has made many important contributions for the good of the wider community. 

Sacred Heart School opened in the Fall of 1949, making next year the 75th year of its existence.  We started with just four classrooms with a double grade in each one.  Four Vincentian Sisters of Charity came from Bedford, Ohio, to teach and minister in the school.  The first principal was Sr. Mary Anthony.  It was a humble beginning but has grown so much and accomplished such wonderful things in the lives of hundreds and hundreds of children, their families, and our community.  I am sure that education in the faith that many received at Sacred Heart School has helped them to grow in their Catholic Faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ.  The good that has been accomplished in Sacred Heart School is the result of much hard work and sacrifice of the parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish from our principals, the Sisters, and so many teachers, as well as, the members of our parish family who worked so hard to make Sacred Heart School the fine Catholic school that it has become.  Many people are committed to continuing the achievements and enhancing the spiritual and academic growth of all our students, teachers, and families in our parish family.

As we begin this new school year there are some very big changes that will aid in our growth in every aspect of the parish school.  The biggest item, in July the state legislature passed the Ed Choice For All Bill and it was signed by Governor DeWine on July 3.  This means many more of our families will be able to qualify for Ed Choice Scholarships than ever before.  For example, a family of four with adjusted annual income of 450% above the poverty level will qualify for as much as $6,100 in tuition for each child.  This means that many of our children will be able to attend Catholic schools for a very minimal amount of tuition.  All parents have to do is apply for the Ed Choice Scholarship.  They only have to apply once since the scholarship awarded that will carry over to successive years.  So, ALL the parents should apply because every child will receive some part of a scholarship regardless.  This will help our school and the parish profoundly, enabling us to keep up with repairs and improvements as well as increasing our teacher salaries.  All in all, it is a great help to Sacred Heart School and Parish on many levels. You can learn more about this at the Diocesan Web site at  Let us thank the Lord for His grace and help in the area of Catholic Education.

As we look forward to the 2023-2024 school year I must commend all of teachers and all the staff members who work so hard and are very committed to our children in providing a very fine Catholic education in a very obvious Catholic environment where there is an awareness of Jesus’ presence in our midst.  I hope and pray all their efforts will continue and bear much fruit.  John Czaplicki, also known as Mr. C., will be starting his 4th year as principal at Sacred Heart School.  Mr. C came at a very trying and challenging time for our school and all schools with the pandemic in full force.  Things were rough for everyone, but we made it through with the grace of God and many prayers.  With all that behind us we can continue to move forward.  Mr. C. has been doing a good job leading the school and I am confident that he will continue to do good work, growing in grace and service along the way.  There are always many challenges with any school.  I continue to be very confident that our faculty and staff will continue to do a very fine job for our children.  We must all work together and strive to grow in grace through prayer and charity toward all, even when it is not easy.  Let us pray for all the school staff, students, and parents.  God bless everyone for all the good work now and in the days to come.

Please be advised:  There will not be a 5:00 pm Mass on Sunday, September 10.  All are invited to an outdoor diocesan-wide Mass held at Brookside Park in Ashland, with Bishop Gries, OSB, presiding and preaching.  Mass on September 10 will be at 5:00pm, at the concert shell.  There are benches for seating.  In case of inclement weather, the Mass will be held at St. Edward Parish.

Fr. Joe Labak